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Terms & Conditions

*In the following text “company”, “we” or “Unisono” is referring to Unisono luxury homes only SL. The company is acting as an independent agent (not contracting party), handling the interests of clients, agents and property owners.
The terms “owner” or “property owner” refer to individual property owners, the company Unisono is not the property owner / contratcting party.
The term “client” or “you” refer to you as client / tenant / contracting party.
By accepting these terms and conditions, you expressly declare and accept that the contractual relationship and that unisono acts exclusively as an intermediary between you and the owner until the formalization of the lease.

Your Accommodation Contract As said before, your accommodation contract is with the owner of the property. Unisono luxury homes only SL (hereafter called unisono) acts solely as an intermediary booking agent between the owners of a property and our clients for each individual accommodation listed on When you make a booking, you confirm that you have the authority to accept, and do accept, on behalf of all your named party these Terms and Conditions. Any persons staying at the relevant accommodation, who have not been declared to unisono as guests, prior to the start of the rental period, will be required to leave the property immediately and have no redress in law. This contract is made on the terms contained herein and all written or verbal representations made by unisono are hereby excluded. The validity, construction and performance of these terms shall be governed by Spanish Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts to which the parties submit, expressly waived the jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

Bookings When you book an accommodation, Unisono act as booking agents on behalf of all properties featured on Unisono website Unisono will send you a booking confirmation issued by Unisono on behalf of the owner of the property, and in accordance with and subject to these terms and conditions. Please note that it is important to carefully check the details of your booking, terms and conditions, when you receive it, because your contract is subject to them. Party groups need to let our reservations manager know before booking, so that unisono can ask the owner for acceptance upfront and accordingly. The use of the properties are stricktly for private and holiday purposes, a comercial or business use is not permitted, unless otherwise agreed in the contract. By violating this rule, the client can be forced to leave the property immediately and pay a penalty of double the agreed rent! The booking information must be clearly specify all visitors including the ages of the children. These stated people are the only ones who are permitted to stay at the accommodation, unless any other arrangements have been agreed upon and confirmed by Unisono in writing. A principal member of the party must confirm that the terms and conditions as specified on our Unisono website have been read and accepted by completing the online booking details. This person is responsible and expressely assumes jointly and severally the responsibility for all matters referring to the booking and the whole visiting party, without prejudice to the responsibility of the rest of members of the party.

The process to make the reservation is as follows:

1.- After receiving a reservation request from you, Unisono will send you a “formal offer”.
2.- Once you formally accept the “formal offer”, which you have to do by sending a written confirmation / e-mail to Unisono, we will send you a booking confirmation issued by Unisono on behalf of the owner of the property in accordance with these terms and conditions.
This confirmation is „provisional“ and will include the required deposit to be paid within 48h after receiving the booking confirmation to covert into a “definitive“ booking”. If Unisono has not received the required deposit payment within 48 hours after sending you the “provisional“ booking confirmation, the booking will be relased.
3.- With paying the deposit you confirm having read and expressly accept these Terms and Conditions. Once the deposit payment has been received by Unisono (and in time), the booking will automatically pass to be a definite booking.

Agreement When proceeding with a reservation and paying for the deposit, an agreement is established on behalf of the owner of the property (who is solely responsible for the accommodation) and you. Unisono acts only as an intermediary booking agent our liability is limited to that which may be derived, where appropiate, from our actions as intermediaries.

Accommodation prices & payment conditions The prices shown on the Unisono website are for the relevant property rental, for the duration stated for each property. Unisono reserves the right to alter the prices of any of the accommodations shown in the website. You will be advised of the current price of the accommodation that you wish to book before your contract is confirmed. To confirm your “provisional” reservation, we require a non-refundable 30 % “DEPOSIT” of the total accommodation cost to be paid in a maximum of 48 hours after Unisono sending you a booking confirmation. The full balance of all sums payable hereunder is due 45 days prior to your arrival date. If the full balance due and not paid by the required date, the Owner of the property will have the right, without further notice or requirement of any kind, to cancel your booking and retain your deposit as a penalty freely agreed and accepted by the client. Unisono will communicate the owner’s decision to the Client. The prices are clearly indicated on our website and are for the maximum number of guests in the accommodation unless stated otherwise. The price on the invoice or confirmation will not change unless the national or local governments of your holiday location levy any additional taxes or charges which will be payable by you. Although we regularly make sure that Unisono offers the most competitive prices for each accomodotation, please contact to our company should you see one of our villas/fincas or any other accommodation offered at a lower price on any other web, we will endeavor to match this price. Payments can be made as follows: By bank transfer or credit card. Any costs associated with the payment need to be incurred by the Client.

Invoicing As Unisono act as an intermediary, we are not in a position to issue invoices over the amount paid for your accommodation.

Return of amounts via transfer and return to credit cards Please note that Unisono can’t be held responsible for possible differences or transfer costs related with return of payments. These costs are due to exchange rate fluctuations and costs applied by your bank for receiving incoming payments. In both occasions Unisono can not foresee these costs and consequently can’t be made responsible for any variations of returned amounts. Furthermore all our prices and charges are to be paid in EUROS.

Security deposits You will be asked to pay a security deposit to cover possible breakage, damage, theft, excessive dirt, etc. If it was not necessary all or part of the deposit, the amount is returned after departure within 10 working days. You will be informed of the amount requested as deposit and how to pay it in the information accompanying your booking confirmation. Since Unisono acts solely and exclusively as the depositary of said bond, in the event that there is a discrepancy between the parties as to whom to deliver the deposit, or what amount to deliver, it will be deposited with the judicial authority for it to decide what to do with it, or it will be made available to the judicial authority until there is a resolution or agreement between the parties. This deposit will not accrue interest of any kind in favor of either party. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the damages or liabilities of the client, the owner has the right to claim the necessary amount to return the property to its original state.

Change of Booking Reservation changes are only allowed for the same property and subject to the following conditions:

The change will be subject to availability, and to the express acceptance for the owner, who will not be obligated to accept it.

Cancellation of your booking The initial deposit paid to Unisono and that is needed to confirm your reservation is non-refundable. This is agreed as a penalty expressly and freely agreed upon by the parties. If the cancellation is for a cause not attributable to Unisono and / or the owner, the client accepts the following conditions:

a) cancellation up to 90 days before arrival date: the cancellation fee charged to the clients is 30% of the total amount stated in the booking confirmation.
b) cancellation from 89 up to 60 days before arrival date: the cancellation fee charged to the client is 50% of the total amount stated in the booking confirmation.
c) cancellation from 59 up to 30 days before arrival date: the cancellation fee charged to the client is 75% of the total amount stated in the booking confirmation.
d) cancellation from 29 or less days including before arrival date „no shows“: the cancellation fee charged to the client is 100% of the total amount stated in the booking confirmation.

Change to Your Accommodation Arrangements In the unlikely event that Unisono has to make a major change to your accommodation and/or cancel, Unisono or the owner will inform you or your travel agent as soon as reasonably. Major changes may arise for example where property refurbishment is required, there is a breakdown of essential services, supply of electricity/gas, blocked drains or building works on adjacent/nearby land, sale of the property or double booking. In these cases, the options would be the following:

– You will have the choose of either accepting the change of Accommodation offered (If the alternative is of a lower price, the difference will be refunded), or cancelling your booked Accommodation receiving a full refund of all monies paid as deposit and balance (no tickets, flights, etc) and waiving to claim anything else for any other concept.
– Unisono will have the right to assign to the client a property of equal os superior category, characteristics and location, in this case, without any extra cost for the client.

Arrival At your holiday Property All guests are required to vacate their property latest by 10 AM hours on day of departure to facilitate cleaning and servicing prior to incoming guest’s arrival. You may occupy your property from 5PM hours. These times may vary depending on the accommodation and will be stated in your final documentation. Please advise us of any special request when you make your initial enquiry. Early check-in or later check-out depend upon the owner and the departures and arrivals of other guests on the change-over days, therefore they can only be confirmed nearer to your arrival date. Please inform your local contact person, noted in your documentation you received after final payment, if your arrival is delayed. Take into account that you may not be able to enter your accommodation until the following day if you arrive later than 8PM without having given prior notice. Unisono or the owner may ask for an extra payment to cover costs in order to organize late access to the property. Taking in mind the current health protocols, it is possible that, in order to comply with them, there may be some delay in the time initially scheduled for the check-in of the property. Cleaning tasks are not carried out by Unisono but by the property owner, normally through specialized companies. Consequently, the client accepts that, for the reasons stated, there may be a delay in the time of entry, and waives to claim anything for this concept.

Property Descriptions The descriptions and information contained on the website have been made by a person who has visited personally each property and have been written in good faith. As the property is not under direct control of Unisono, it ́s possible that changes in facilities may have been occured without Unisono’s knowledge. In this event Unisono will endeavour to inform you of any changes, once known, but cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies which are beyond its control. Water and electricity supplies are often not as reliable as in Northern Countries and interruptions to supply do occur. Unisono cannot be held responsible for these supplies or any other lack of facility beyond their reasonable control. Owners of the accommodation and Unisono reserve the right to visit their property at any time to undertake essential repairs, maintenance, pool cleaning and ardenin. The client waifes to claim any responsibility to Unisono in relation to these facts and must direct any claim directly to the owner.

Cleaning, bed linen, gardening, pool and general maintenance, and special requests. The house will be delivered clean and provided with bed linens and towels. The person in charge of cleaning, as well as the gardener, person for pool and general maintenance, reserve the right to hold an access key and enter the property including the inside of the house, even without the presence of the tenant / client. For stays longer than 7 days a weekly cleaning and linen change is offered at no additional cost. This cleaning and linen change will take place as of the seventh day following the entry of customers. Special requests: Please submit all your extra sevices requested in writing befor your arrival date. Unisono would like to accommodate all of these requests, but would also like to point out that we cannot be held liable if they are not fulfilled. We take great care when we recommend a service of staff but we are not responsible for thouse provided by a third party, by the owner or other agencies.

Rubbish removal & recycling In Mallorca recycling is very common and there are regular pick ups in town. Recyclable materials are not to be mixed with regular waste. Located in and around towns and main roads/junctions are tri-colour bins used for recycling. It is recommended that you make a daily trip to the nearest bins to dispose of recyclable waste as well as rubbish to minimise odours. You will be charged for extra cleaning if any rubbish remains in the villa once you have left on your departure date, or if it seems that you have not been removing the rubbish on a regular basis due to the excessive presence of ants. Please do so for your own comfort and that of others.

Parasols and Covered Terraces Due to the many breakages of parasols during a season the type shown in the website may differ from the original model at the property.

Sun Beds Due to the high number of breakages during a season it is not always possible to obtain the same model and unisono accept no responsibility for any differences in design, colour or style.

Satellite TV In selected properties there are a range of English and/or German speaking channels. Unisono is unfortunately unable to guarantee any channels in any of the properties.

Air Conditioning The amount of air conditioning supply varies in many properties. Most properties supply air conditioning. Full-air conditioning means in all bedrooms and the living area – it does not mean the system is on 24 hours per day. Other properties contain air conditioning only in the bedrooms. The clients are obliged to keep all doors and windows closed at all time while the air conditioning is running. In case of excess because the client does not follow these instructions, the owner has the right to claim extra cost for elevated electrical bill.

Pets No pets are allowed without prior written consent from Unisono or the owner, if a pet is staying at the accomodation without prior allowance, Unsiono or the owner can ask the client to leave the property immediately and can ask for compensation of extra cleaning cost.

Building Works and Noise Building works and the resulting noise from the site can take place at anytime during the year on a nearby property and land. This is beyond Unisono ́s control, but the representative will try whether it is possible to have the works/noisesd stopped or reduced in order to minimize any inconvenience or interruption to your accommodation. If this is not possible Unisono will try to offer you an alternative property of similar standard. This however is strictly subject to availability and agreement oft he owner. And neither shall Unisono be held liable for any inconvenience caused by the said building works or failure to provide alternative accommodation. Should the property owner or management notify us of possible works, we will let you know immediately, however, Unisono does not take responsibility if we do not receive a warning of have no prior knowledge. We will try to held within our possibility and fulfill any need to find an adequate alternative once we are aware of any planned or ongoing works. Any difference in price will be discussed and agreed upon there and then accordingly, any additional payment is your responsibility if the alternative accommodation is more expensive. In suburban areas and towns there is always the possibility of sound pollution from neighbours, however near or distant. These sounds are a part of the urban and sub-urban soundscape and need to be accepted as such. Neither the owners nor Unisono can be held responsible for such sounds.

Loss or Theft of Personal Possessions Unisono and the owners cannot be held responsible for the theft of any personal belongings whilst on holiday. Guests are advised to close all doors and windows (even in isolated, country locations) when leaving the property or sleep and make use of safes for valuables, where supplied. In the event that you should lose any items of value while on holiday through theft or otherwise, you must report the facts immediately to the local police and obtain a written report. If a report is not obtained, it will be difficult for you to pursue any claim through your holiday insurance.

Force Majeure If so-colled “force majeure” prevents or affects your holiday, Unisono will not be responsible for any damage, loss, disruption or even cancellation of your holiday. “Forcer Majeure” includes unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances sus as: wars, riots, civil urset, terrorist activities, strikes, a natural or nuclear disaster, fire, pandemia, travel disruption, unfavourable weather conditions, changes of water level and supply, sale of the property, and situations or circumstances similar to the above. All these circumstances are beyond Unisono ́s control and even if all precautions to safeguard and exercise due care have been taken, unavoidable events may unfold and Unisono can not be held respondable. Consequently, in these cases of “force majeure” the client waives to claim any liability to Unisono. Unisono and the owner shall not be responsible for any delay in performance or non-performance due to any causes beyond its reasonable control. All the same Unisono shall, upon the occurrence of any such cause, promptly inform you in writing, stating that such cause has delayed or prevented its performance hereunder and thereafter Unisono shall take all action within its power to comply with the terms of this agreement as fully and quickly as possible.

Natural Phenomena Unisono cannot be held responsible for any discomfort or inconvenience caused by the climate, flora and fauna, barking dogs, sheep bells, wasps, ants or anything reasonably expected to exist in the natural environment in which many of the properties are situated.

Pool use and liability Use of the pool is entirely at your own risk. It is particularly important that children are supervised at all times in and around the pool areas.

Children and damages Guests are responsible for any children in the group at all times and should make sure they do not damage interiors/ exteriors including pool terraces during their stay eg. with colours, paints of any kind. The cost of any extra cleaning required and/or repairs will be charged for and will be deducted from the retained security deposit. Where the damage exceeds the amount of the security deposit guests will be liable for the full amount due.

Accidents, Injury Unisono and the owners cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury whilst on holiday. We strongly recommend all customers to take out adequate travel insurance to cover health care, accident, injury and travel cancellation etc. Unisono undertakes no responsibility for illness or injuries incurred using the accommodation, the property, private pool, or of any damage or thefts of personal property incurred during your stay.

Complaints If you have cause to complain during your stay please inform your property manager as soon as possible and he or she will of course endeavour to rectify matters immediately. All complaints must be received prior to your departure so as to give the property manager the chance to rectify the issue. If your complaint is not resolved locally you would need to follow this up within 14 days of returning home by writing an email to, stating your booking reference and all other relevant information. It is strongly recommended that you communicate any complaint to the on-site property manager or owner as well as to Unisono without delay and whilst in resort. If you fail to follow this simple procedure Unisono will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you were in resort and this may affect your rights under this contract. The client is knowledgeable and accepts that breakages and failures of the services may occur during the stay. If this occurs, the owner, with the intermediation of Unisono, will do everything possible to solve it as soon as possible, without this giving rise to a penalty or compensation of any kind for the client, which the client expressly renounces.

Client ́s responsibility The accommodation and all contents such as all equipment, remote controls or keys, fitting and furniture, bedding, etc, and general facilities must be in the same state of repair and condition on your departure, as on your arrival. Appropiate payments to cover any damages or loss by the visiting party during their stay will be made to unisono as the agent from your security deposit or to the owner directly. As expect each member of the visiting party to behave in a correct and decent manner and the leading person, who has booked the holiday, has acknowledged and accepted these Terms and Conditions, is responsible for the behaviour of each person named on the booking form. In the unfortunate event that either any member of your party or you does not behave in a correct and decent manner you and your party may be requested to vacate the property without receiving a refund of the price. All valuable items that you leave at/in your accommodation are left there at your own personal risk. You are solely responsible for any for loss, theft or damage or any other security related incident caused under whatever circumstances Unisono, the owner or our agents cannot be held responsible. Please be advised that it is your sole responsibility to activate burglar alarms, use the installed safe and take appropriate measures to avoid theft in your rented accommodation. Social events and functions such as parties, weddings, receptions, or gatherings involving more people than those currently occupying the accommodation must be agreed upon and notified to Unisono before your arrival and Unisono will subsequently inform the owner. An additional charge may be payable by you. Please do not bring any pets without prior written consent of the owner, if the owner allows pets, then an additional damage / security charge may be requested.
Documentation such as passports, visas & health requirements Unisono cannot be held responsible if you or any member of your party fail to provide the necessary travel documents such as passports, visas etc. it is the client ́s responsibility to make sure these documents are in order for your destination. For detailed information we advise that you check with the respective embassy or consulate before your travel. Furthermore, Unisono will not accept responsibility for any illness or loss relating to your failure to comply with necessary requirements such as vaccines and/or a doctor’s clearance to travel. Members of your travel party, who either have a medical condition or are pregnant, should seek advice and clearance with regards to the travel plans from a doctor. Financial fines for not complying are the responsibility of each member of your party.

Holiday insurance Please make sure that you and your party have the necessary insurance coverage for medical needs, travel disruption, cancellation, flight delays etc. and also personal liability. An insurance is highly recommended. You are obliged to provide your insurance contract details and rest of information and Unisono will not accept responsibility for any loss or incident if you have no such insurance in place. It is your duty to check any health requirements and to make sure that your insurance covers all your individual, personal needs and those of your party. You and your party are responsible that your personal documentation is valid abroad and you have to claim off your insurance in the event of any losses during your holidays.

Unisono ́s Liability to You Unisono shall only be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach by Unisono of this “intermediary contract”. Loss of profits or other economic losses arising out of a breach of this contract are excluded. Any commission we have earned or are due to earn for a booking, will limit our maximum liability to the client, with regards to any fault in any service we provide. Unisono cannot be made responsible for services supplied by a third party such as the owner or local agent of the property. Unisono has no control over and will subsequently no accept duty for any form of operational decisions made by airlines and/or airports which may result in flight delays, diversions or rescheduling. In the sad and unfortunate event of for a personal injury o death of any person named on the booking form or any other person at the property, neither we, or employees of Unisono, shall be held responsible. If one of theses unfortunate circumstances is a result of proven negligence on behalf of the owner, the owner, not Unisono may be held responsible. We also do not accept responsibility for either any breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps, pool filtration systems, hot water boilers, accommodation equipment or for the failure of public services such as the supply of wáter, electricity, or gas. Unisono also has no duty to mend the foult or breakdown, this is the sole responsibility of the property owner. In consequence, the client expressly reconounces to claim any resposability for these events or similar to Unisono. However, Unisono Will take all necessary actions to ensure that appropriate measuremeants are taken as soon as possible, if a fault or breakdown of equipment is reported to property staff, agent, owner or Unisono.

Privacy Policy In accordance with the regulations in effect on Personal Data Protection, Unisono informs you that your data will be securely stored on the database owned by Unisono luxury homes only SL with CIF B02925451 to be able to answer your questions and send you related information that may be of interest to you. In compliance with current regulations, Unisono luxury homes only SL informs that the data will be kept for the period strictly necessary, in compliance with the regulations mentioned above. Until you inform us otherwise, we understand that your data has not been modified, that you agree to notify us of any changes and that we have your consent to use them for the purposes mentioned. Unisono luxury homes only SL informs that it will proceed to treat the data in a lawful, loyal, relevant, appropriate, transparent, limited, exact and updated way. That is why Unisono luxury homes only SL undertakes to adopt all reasonable measures so that these are withheld or rectified without delay if they are inaccurate.
In accordance with the rights granted by the current regulations on Personal Data Protection, you may exercise the rights of access, rectification, limitation of usage, deletion, portability and opposition to the processing of their personal data as well as the consent given for the treatment of the same, directing your request to the postal address indicated above or to the email
By sending the data collection form, you accept the privacy policy of Unisono luxury homes only SL.